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Make and Profit is here to help creators and makers of all disciplines grow their business, better serve their customers and make more profit.

Whether you are a YouTuber, Woodworker, Artist or Knitter, if you make something and get paid for doing so, I am here to help.



Opportunities where small changes could make the difference between growing a long term sustainable business or being shut down tomorrow by an algorithm change.  

Opportunities where thinking a bit more about your customer journey and offerings can make a few hundred extra bucks here and there to help you grow.

Opportunities where thinking like a boss and CEO in every aspect of your business, can earn you thousands of dollars extra a month!

So who is this random guy on the internet thinking he can make me money I hear you ask?


My name is Harry and I run a website with my wife called Travel Fashion Girl where we teach women how to pack carry-on only when they go on vacation. Thats right, how to pack a suitcase!

This little website is the 2nd largest Travel Blog in the world and does over 7 figures in revenue. I say this not to impress you, only to show that I know how to make money with a very niche topic.

I am also a passionate maker and artist. My background is in furniture design and making, I’ve worked as a site carpenter and builder and now just make stuff for the fun of it. Check out my instagram

Let me help you!


My goal and mission is to help every creator better serve their customers, which naturally will increase their profits. This could be a monthly coaching program, a one time business strategy deepdive consult or a video overview.

Monthly Coaching Program

Are you a creator who is making a full time income and wants to take your business to the next level? Together we will create a roadmap which will elevate and empower you to do so, whilst guiding and supporting you on this journey.

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One Time Business Strategy Deepdive

Do you need help in increasing your revenue and future proofing your business? Book a consult to get a detailed plan and action steps to achieve a more financially stable future.

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Video Overview 

Would you like help in knowing what your business is missing? Order a Video Overview to find out what I would do to your business to increase profit.

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